Video Camera Control

ip cameraThe latest PlantRun systems allow visual management of manufacturing areas by fully integrating the control and automation of IP camera technology.

 Being able to remotely view, record and replay video feeds, either manually or automatically is simple to implement and cost effective due to the availability of low cost cameras, simple connection to existing Ethernet networks and the efficient streaming of video over networks.  This new facility provides many benefits including..

Automatic video recording of problems when they occur

  • Alarm activated switching of video streams on user displays alerts of problems for faster response and reduced disturbance.
  • Automatic recording of machine stoppages, changeovers, bottlenecks etc. allows for analysis and improvement.
  • View before, during and after a problem occurs with buffered video camera recording.
  • Provide evidence of what actually happened for diagnostics, forensics, maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • Recording of any video stream can be started manually or automatically activated by PlantRun’s flexible alarm facility and stored indefinitely for later analysis.

Improving productivity

  • A single user can view many areas that would otherwise require more manpower.
  • Improve working practices by reviewing video of actual operations.
  • Video provides a visual ‘proof of process’ record and confirmation of operator actions.

Secure viewing of operations from any location

  • Customers, maintenance, supervisory or management can view monitored areas securely from any location reducing travel and saving time and money.

Improving safety in remote or hazardous areas

  • View remote or hazardous sites for safe running, ensuring they are clear and safe to operate.
  • Camera motion sensing can activate recording if anything moves into an area that is dangerous, sensitive, hazardous, or restricted.
  • View machines, equipment, valve positions, instrument readings etc. remotely.
  • Monitor the safety of ‘lone workers’ in remote or hazardous areas.
  • Give forewarning of conditions to those responding to alarms and reduce false alarm response.
  • Use for personal safety monitoring and training.Improving security
  • View remote sites for trespass, vandalism, theft, willful or malicious acts and damage.
  • Record video for evidence and to aid prosecution.
  • Switching or recording of real time video streams triggered by camera motion sensor or system alarms.

axis rangeIP Cameras

A variety of network cameras, from simple fixed cameras, to PTZ (pan, tilt & zoom) cameras and domes are available to suit any application or environment.

With both indoor and outdoor ratings including IP66 and IP44, cameras can be mounted wherever they are required and are also available with internal cooling or heating for locations with high or low ambient temperatures.