Unlock your Hidden Factory

Do you feel like you need to expand your factory to make improvements?
Without accurate information from a real time system like PlantRun, there could be plenty of ‘hidden’ capacity in your existing setup.

Room for Improvement?

You may already have potential for significant improvements, within your current setup. A PlantRun System can help you indentify areas for improvement and in turn:

  1. Increase Current Capacity
  2. Reduce Unplanned Downtime (Click to Read)
  3. Improve Shopfloor Management (Click to Read)
  4. Maximise Overall Equipment Effectiveness (Click to Read)

Why Implement?

A customer initially implemented a PlantRun System for the following reasons.

  • It is a system that would allow them to accurately measure the performance of key assets in their plant. It would give them the data to tackle the problem areas and make process improvements in those area to help increase productivity
  • PlantRun is tried and tested, the customer's sister-site had already implemented PlantRun and reported many instant and longer term benefits

Having installed PlantRun, the Lead Engineer has reported the following benefits:

1. It has been giving them meaningful data

Reducing equipment or machine down time has an instant beneficial effect on manufacturing operational availability and output. However, without accurate information on the true amount and causes of unplanned downtime it can be difficult to identify how it can be reduced. A PlantRun monitoring system that continuously and automatically captures and records machine status provides this information - with downtimes accurate to one second and exact stoppage reasons for every machine.

2. They now know what their biggest time wasters are

With a machine monitoring system, all stoppage time is accurately recorded so it is easy to exactly quantify the downtime caused by short stoppages and longer downtime periods.  Detailed downtime reports, including colour graphs and charts can be produced at any time clearly highlighting where remedial action is needed.

3. Areas for process improvement have been highlighted

From the live, accurate data PlantRun has provided them, it was identified that operators have been waiting significant periods of time for components from the components store. As a result, they are in the process of implementing a system that can call for components in realtime from their components stores. This will reduce wait time from them and improve productivity and efficiency.

4. Shift changeovers are now being targeted

Shift changeovers are now being looked at in a way that was not previously possible. The delay between one shift ending and another one beginning is being targeted for improvement, Kaizen events are now being implemented to tackle this.  Used across manufacturing industries, PlantRun supports lean manufacturing and continuous improvement programs to maximise output, minimise waste and drive down manufacturing costs.

Unlock your Hidden Factory with PlantRun.