Timber Production Monitoring System

Arbor Forest Products logoArbor Forest Products operates a 90-acre site in North Lincolnshire, UK that holds more than 80,000m3 of timber on-site guaranteeing 98 per cent of product in stock at any one time. It facilitates a throughput of over 300,000m3 of quality timber products supplied annually to the distributor, merchant and industrial sectors.

The company initally installed a PlantRun system to monitor its MDF production lines. The system continuously monitors the status of machines on the lines to provide accurate live production performance information. The system has since been expanded to monitor assets across the site including the sawmill. All data is recorded to allow detailed analysis over any period. This has eliminated time wasting manual data collection and identified areas to target for efficiency improvement.

The system offers a comprehensive range of functionality including;

Slow Speed Running - Alerts when assets are running slow and captures reasons for slow speed
Response Time Tracking - Call function that requests an engineer and tracks response and repair times
ERP - integration with the existing ERP system
Checklists - Digital pre-operation checklists 
Display Node - allows real time information displays on large screen TV's in the production areas.
Smartview - remote system access over the internet

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