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Thermal imaging, thermography and non contact temperature monitoring has become indispensable tool in many industries. Support for thermal imaging cameras and line scanners enables automated data capture directly by PlantRun.

Real time thermal imaging provides a rapid understanding of dynamic thermal conditions and clues to the underlying causes. It can instantly identify both unexpected temperature events and developing conditions including temperature decay, ramping, and thermal propagation across surfaces.

 Key Features
False colour thermal image
"Waterfall" display
Scan profile
Single point profile
Zone alarms
Min/Max/Average tracking
Multiple scanner configurations
Save/Replay scanned thermal images
Autosave facility, based on trigger signals
Pre-trigger history and post-trigger run on
PlantRun can be used in conjunction with fixed position thermal imaging cameras for various applications. They are ideal for continuous scanning across production lines to identify temperature related anomalies.

Typical industries where thermal imaging is used include food, glass, metals and plastics manufacturing. Industrial applications include continuous sheet and web-based processes, discrete manufacturing processes, and rotating kilns.

Thermal images from one or more cameras or scanners can be combined with related process measurements on a single PC based system.

Display formats include thermal image, thermal profile, 3D waterfall and sector trending.

Real time data from thermal imaging cameras can be used to count product, calculate product area, verify correct and out of range temperature profile etc

Facilities include rolling buffer snapshot, zone/sector alarms, configuration recipes and history review.

If you have an industrial, manufacturing or production process that you think would benefit from a thermal imaging or non contact temperatur monitoring system please contact us for further information.