The PlantRun Advantage

PlantRun is highly flexible to fit any manufacturing operation and fully customisable for any level or complexity of project.The benefits PlantRun offers are as unique as each application.  These are just some of the advantages PlantRun provides;

Accurate production information available enterprise wide

  • Provides highly accurate 'live' information by continuously monitoring machine status.
  • Information is distributed wherever it is needed from shop floor to board room.
  • Ensures high visibility of production information
  • See at a glance full machine status, hold-ups, breakdowns etc.

Powerful Analysis and Tracking

  • Powerful tool set for analysing and tracking information.
  • View, report, compare and analyse information over any time period.
  • Analyse to single second detail or view long term trends over many months or years.
  • Track information to verify the effect any changes or initiatives have had on efficiency.

Machine Downtime Reduction

  • Identify the true causes of lost production - and where to target resources most effectively.
  • Records all machine downtime events accurate to one second.
  • Downtime reasons are recorded for major stoppages.
  • Multiple sequential reasons and comments can be applied to downtime events.
  • Downtime dashboards make it easy to edit, view and report as well as perform Pareto and root cause analysis.

KPI & OEE Reporting

  • Supplied with the customised report set you need and will use.
  • Editing or creating new reports is straight forward. 
  • Reports can display any information set you require using text, graphics or trends.
  • Generated automatically or on demand, on screen, printed, emailed or stored electronically as pdf's for viewing on any PC.

Faster Response to Problems

  • Unlimited alarms can be set to alert when problems occur - or are developing.
  • React faster to problems - or avert them altogether for smoother production flow.
  • Alarm are set to alert relevant people - e.g. an SMS text message to maintenance, an email to a manager, a tannoy message for stock replenishment, fax to a supplier etc.

Reduce Scrap & Rework - Improve Quality & Yield

  • Count, report, analyse and track the level of scrap and rework for quality control.
  • SPC capability available with automatic data collection.
  • Expert System capability - Ideal for use in complex processes or where process variables need to be tightly controlled to ensure quality and repeatability of the end product.
  • To automate quality control PlantRun connects to thousands of industrial measuring and metering devices.  

Production Control and Automation

  • PlantRun goes beyond reporting and analysis.
  • Sophisticated recipe, batch and sequence control facilities allow any level of control and automation - no matter how complex or unique the application.

Improve Maintenance Effectiveness

  • Provides high accuracy maintenance metrics / KPI's - MTBF, MTTR etc.
  • Track maintenance and fault rectification times/reasons.
  • Automate maintenance requests via public address, SMS, email for fast response to breakdowns
  • Prioritise maintenance requests for key machines
  • Alert when maintenance is due based on actual machine usage run / cycle times.
  • Eliminates over or under maintenance.
  • Electronically store files that are needed for machine operation and maintenance;
  • Everyone knows where crucial information is when it is needed. 
  • Aids operator training by storing operating instructions, training documents, videos etc.   

Security & Traceability

  • Secure - password and privilege enabled.
  • Unique user passwords allow tracking and analysis of operator effectiveness. 
  • Privileges allow users the level of system access relevant to them. 
  • Enhanced security and audit trail facilities for compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and equivalent global standards.

Flexible & Extendible Functionality

  • Import and export data to third party enterprise packages
  • Network across geographical sites/locations for multi site integration
  • Based on a leading industrial automation package with full SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) capability allowing flexible and extendible functionality that goes beyond that of most comparable products.
  • Analogue signal data acquisition capability for reporting and analysis of temperature, pressure, level, flow, humidity, voltage, current etc.

Comprehensive Support

  • Full support, training and maintenance provided to meet your specific requirements.