Systems to suit your needs and budget

From just a single asset to hundreds of assets and from a single factory to world wide operation, PlantRun systems can be scaled to provide a cost effective solution.

PlantRun systems are based upon one of four base levels which is then custom configured to provide a ready to run solution to match your exact requirements.

Each level builds upon the previous levels, so for instance, a level 3 system includes all of the functionality of the level 1 & 2 systems.

Level 1 - Asset Utilisation

Gives you accurate real-time information on the run stop status of your assets.
An asset can be a machine, line, workstation, manual operation etc.

  • Utilisation KPI
  • Report & Analysis Tools Built In
  • Shift Tracking
  • Remote Access options   
  • Large format shop floor display options
  • SMS, email & audible alert options

Level 2 - Downtime Capture

Gives you accurate downtime information for your assets and the reasons for it.

  • Operator Interface at each asset
  • Operator tracking
  • Down time reason capture
  • Track scrap and reasons for scrap
  • Interlock to enforce reason entry
  • Down time reports and analysis
  • Production totals / reports
  • Asset View and Group View analysis tools
  • Operator tracking
  • MS Access or SQL database
  • Display Node factory floor KPI displays 

Level 3 - OEE and Production tracking

Adds OEE and Production tracking functionality.

  • Dynamic OEE capture  
  • Batch/Job/Lot/Works Order Traceability Option  
  • Manual / Auto shift patterns
  • OEE by asset / operator / product / batch/shift  
  • Track asset speed & reasons for slow running
  • Checklist option
  • Work Instructions option  
  • Short Interval Control option

Level 4 - ERP / MRP / MIS integration

Exchange data with third party packages, integrate recipes and improve maintenance effectiveness.

  • Recipe Integration                     
  • ERP/MRP/MIS Integration - Exchange production schedules
  • Preventive Maintenance Alerts    
  • Process measurements
  • Energy & Utilities Monitoring

Level 5 - Multi Site Solution

Link global operations to improve interoperability and collaboration

  • Centralised server  
  • Site level data concentrators
  • Operational Intelligence Dashboard