SMS Text Alerts

Keep your staff informed

By making use of low cost text messaging and your existing mobile ‘phones, PlantRun can alert your staff to important production bottlenecks as soon as they occur. These  alerts are generated automatically and routed to the group of recipients most suited to respond to that type of alert.

Alerts keep your staff informed:

  • “Packaging machine 5 low on black ink” to your stores
  • "Line 7 low speed for 10 minutes” to the production supervisor
  • “Welding robot 23 stopped” to your maintenance engineer

By responding to the alert the recipient can request additional information or acknowledge that they will respond thus preventing multiple people from responding.

Users may log-on and log-off the SMS alerts from their mobile ’phone making it easy to prevent alerts when the recipient is
off duty. Commonly required information can also be incorporated into mini reports. This allows the user to request live information for several machines with just a single text message request.