Short Interval Control

Short Interval Control (SIC) is a powerful method for improving production efficiency by focusing attention on major losses and forecasting risks over short time spans.

Short Interval Control takes kaizen continuous improvement methodology and gives it a 'pulse'. This repeated focusing of attention on production losses accelerates the cycle of incremental improvement.

In practice lead production staff conduct brief meetings (5 to 10 minutes maximum) every two to four hours during a shift. Production performance and losses since the last meeting (or interval) are reviewed. Possible risks in the upcoming interval are identified. Actions to be taken to reduce losses and risks are agreed. The effects of any actions agreed in the last interval are recorded.

Having access to real time data is crucial for short interval control to work effectively.

How does PlantRun help with Short Interval Control?

PlantRun continuously monitors your production assets to give you accurate product counts, short and long stoppage times, reason for long stoppage, OEE etc..

All the information you need for your Short Interval Control can be made available in a report that can be generated automatically to pdf at timed intervals and even emailed directly to those people who need it. There is no extra time or effort involved in collecting or processing the data for each SIC meeting. Below is an example short interval control interface in use on a PlantRun system.

short interval control report
Hour by hour Short Interval Control reporting with PlantRun

Benefits of PlantRun Short Interval Control (SIC)

  • Eliminates paper based forms – meeting information is entered using the on screen SIC interface directly to digital for easy retrieval (and version control?)
  • Instant access – meeting information becomes available instantly to other system users.
  • Saves time – real time production data in the SIC interface saves time taken to collect data, reducing overall meeting time.
  • No missed meetings – system can alert when the next interval meeting is due – ensures meetings are not missed.
  • Accurate recording of interval meeting times and durations.
  • Digital information capture prevents data tampering.
  • Ease of use promotes Continuous Improvement which becomes integral to each shift.
  • Employees are engaged and empowered to change and improve.

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