Shop Floor Data Collection System

Increase Output, Reduce Downtime, Improve Quality, Cut Costs, Maximise Profits - Under One Year Payback Typical

In the world of manufacturing, the pursuit of efficiency is never-ending. Production managers and manufacturing companies face an ongoing battle against bottlenecks, downtime, and the constant pressure to enhance productivity.

Meet PlantRun – the transformative Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC) system, designed to elevate your productivity, reduce downtime, enhance product quality, cut costs, and elevate your profits. And the best part? You could see a return on your investment in under a year!

Server and Tablet

What is PlantRun?

Revolutionising Shop Floor Data Collection

PlantRun is the Shop Floor Data Collection system that transforms the way you gather production data. The system automates live data collection, straight from the machine / process. But data on its own is just numbers – PlantRun then applies advanced analysis techniques and rules to transform raw data into actionable insights. The information is instantly accessible through various mediums, such as TV displays, interactive dashboards, comprehensive reports, and timely alerts.

Unveiling Production Insights

Do you ever wonder why Machine A stopped and for how long? How many products have been manufactured today? When is the current Works Order expected to conclude? Did last month's OEE surpass the previous month's? PlantRun holds the answers.

Achieving world-class manufacturing efficiency hinges on real-time production information accessibility. By eliminating manual data collection and processing, PlantRun empowers you to focus on the bigger picture. It offers an array of possibilities, including:

  • Real-time OEE and KPI metrics tracking
  • Automated data flows for streamlined operations
  • Precise production tracking and monitoring
  • Reduction of paperwork through digital automation
  • Real-time visualisation for instant insights
  • And so much more...

Whether you're dealing with different types of assets, machines of varying makes, or equipment of different ages - PlantRun seamlessly collects real-time production data, including powerful insights like Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), in-depth analyses, customised reports, and instant alerts. It's your ally for achieving lean manufacturing and a continuous improvement culture. PlantRun can be effortlessly scaled up from monitoring one to hundreds of assets, meaning as your manufacturing process evolves, your system can too.

The PlantRun team have been working on these systems for over 30 years and can provide a flexible, configurable system that will grow as your needs change and can be fully customised if a bespoke requirement is identified.

How Does It Work?

In a standard setup, shopfloor data is seamlessly captured and channelled to a central PC server via an Ethernet network. A simple digital signal for a run / stop status and a product count is often enough to translate to an overview of production on the shopfloor. This can be achieved via sensors, foot-pedals, on / off buttons, shopfloor PCs, PLCs, etc. You may however want to find out more about your process - we can cater to bespoke requirements, pull more information out of a PLC for example, and make this information available on displays and reports. Just let us know what you require!

Tablet and DTM

The collection of day-to-day shopfloor information is facilitated through compact and durable outstations or user-friendly touchscreens situated adjacent to each asset. With intuitive interfaces and features, your operators can:

  • Log in and out, effortlessly tracking operator efficiency.
  • Select products and specific job or work orders.
  • Pinpoint downtime reasons – no limit, tailor-made for each machine.
  • Record scrap and rework data with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Summon help from engineers, team leaders, and more – without leaving the production area.
  • Access production targets and real-time progress.
  • Utilise touchscreens to not only access functions but also display essential visuals.

Beyond the Shop Floor

PlantRun goes beyond the shop floor. Managers and decision-makers benefit from a suite of analysis tools and dashboards that offer unmatched visibility into your operations. These powerful resources translate raw data into actionable insights, enabling you to fine-tune strategies, make informed decisions, and stay ahead of the curve.

Armed with historical trends and real-time performance metrics, you're equipped to make strategic decisions that drive continuous improvement and optimal resource allocation. PlantRun equips managers with the ability to monitor key performance indicators, track production metrics, and identify potential bottlenecks or inefficiencies. This information isn't just static data; it's dynamic intelligence that allows decision-makers to respond to changing circumstances promptly.


Why PlantRun?

1. Real-time Insights

Watch your operations come alive with real-time data, powering better decisions and improved agility.

2. Seamless Integration

Connect seamlessly with third-party systems like ERP, MRP, and CMMS for smooth data exchange and operational harmony.

3. Master Complexity

From process monitoring to utility tracking, PlantRun adapts to your specific demands.

4. Immediate Action

Swiftly address production hiccups by summoning help right from the interface, triggering alerts across various platforms.

5. Unmatched Support

Our legacy of top-notch technical support, comprehensive training, and dependable maintenance stands behind you. Our expertise stems from being one of the pioneers in the realm of industrial automation software and systems, with over 40 years of experience in the field.

Discover the Difference

By making PlantRun a part of your manufacturing journey, you're not only investing in a solution – you're investing in a transformation. We understand budgets and bottom lines, which is why PlantRun often proves its value within a year.

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