Real Time Production Monitoring System

mWorldwide 3M employ more than 80,000 people in over 60 countries and are at the forefront in industries ranging from display and graphics, communications and healthcare to safety, security and protection services.

A PlantRun real time production monitoring system has been installed at their UK factory in Newton Aycliffe.  The system monitors assets including plastic extruders, hot melt and carbon laminators, coater and slitter machines used in the production of filtration products, to provide live machine utlisation reporting and analysis, including OEE. 

Compact, rugged keypad terminals, sited adjacent to each machine centre, allow connection to the system PC server and provide an interface for machine operators to interact with the system.  Operators use the terminals to enter information such as ID, select downtime reasons as well as read out actual/target production etc. without having to leave the machine area. The system connects to the sites ERP system for data exchange.

Large format overhead KPI displays in the production area provide high visibility of production performance that help to inform and motivate machine operators.


The system is being expanded across all production areas at the site. 
Expansion includes;
  • Handheld data terminals with wireless barcode scanning for tracking of raw materials and finished goods/pallets
  • FDA CFR21 Part11 functionality for products with pharmaceutical classification
  • Data capture directly from machine PLC's
Plantrun real time production monitoring systems are supplied pre-configured to match customer requirements with full training, support and maintenance. Systems are very cost effective providing fast return on investment, typically less than 12 months (as reported by existing users.)

For a fast no obligation budgetary price for a PlantRun production monitoring system please complete the form or call 01642 370666.

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