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Quick Changeover, also referred to as Setup Reduction aims to minimise non-value added activities during production changeover and the setup processes, enabling faster, more efficient change from one product to another.

Quick Changeover allows manufacturers to reduce batch sizes, shorten lead time, reduce inventory, be more flexible to customer demands and is a crucial component of Lean Manufacturing.

Accurate data - key to quick changeover and setup reduction

Key to quick changeover is having an accurate way of calculating changeover duration.  Accurate changeover data allows you to not only identify where to target resources for best return but also measure and track the results.

PlantRun systems not only capture accurate downtime data but also the reason for the stoppage. So when a machine is stopped for changeover that information is recorded and available in virtual real time and can be used for

  • Displays – highlighting the stopped machine on PC, system and shopfloor displays
  • Alarms – triggering plant alarms and public address systems, sending sms text messages and emails to relevant staff
  • Reports – make it easy to identify where to target resources and progress made

Beyond that PlantRun systems can store change over settings and information in the form of 'recipes' that can be electronically downloaded to machine controls. Where this can be implemented it allows much faster machine set up times compared with having to manually change machine settings for each new run.

Furthermore it is also possible for PlantRun to automatically 'countdown' to a change over as it monitors the current production run or batch so that changeover crews are alerted and tools and materials needed are in place when required thus reducing machine idle time to an absolute minimum. Being organized for the changeover can cut setup times dramatically – often by half.

PlantRun can even automatically control IP cameras to record changeovers.  This provides video proof of how any changeover was completed and allows detailed analysis for continuous improvement and lean manufacturing programs.

Quick changeover and setup reduction is just one of the benefits that leading manufacturers gain from using PlantRun to increase their efficiency.

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