Production Performance Display System

PlantRun Production Performance Display System offers a cost effective way of displaying live production status information on the shopfloor to inform and motivate your staff and improve manufacturing output.

Based on PlantRun Display Node technology it is designed to monitor a single production line or machine. Automatically counts each time a product is made, either by monitoring an existing signal source or via an optional sensor. This data is then used to drive a large format full colour display to show actual and target output, deviation etc.

Any readily available and low cost large screen TV, monitor or projector with HDMI interface can be used which we can supply or you can source locally. KPI information is displayed in large font text and colour is used as a visual cue to highlight performance – green for over target, amber for on target and red for below target. Displays can be customised if you have a specific requirement.


  • ‘Out of the box’ ready to use system
  • Live real-time information
  • Low cost with fast payback
  • Display Product/Job Number, Target Output, Actual Output, Deviation
  • Any size of display
  • Customisable display layout
  • Colour highlighting of production performance
  • Drives any SXVGA or HDMI compatible display - LCD/LED/Plasma TV, monitor or projector
  • Screen based form input for product identification, rate, performance level limits etc.
  • Optical product count sensor (optional)
  • Dual displays (optional)
  • Real time and Historic Trending (optional)
  • Comes pre-configured - no programming or ‘setup’ required
  • Straight forward installation
  • Short lead time from point of order
  • Upgradeable to provide full downtime, OEE and production monitoring functionality

Standard system comprises;

  • Compact Display Node PC with wireless keyboard and mouse
  • Pre-configured Software
  • 10 metre SXVGA cable
  • I/O panel incorporating power supply and pulse count module with LAN communications
  • Product count sensor (optional)
  • Display/s (optional)