Production Monitoring System

Cost effective, expandable and futureproof

Having accurate information at production level is crucial to drive manufacturing efficiency and lean and continuous improvement initiatives. PlantRun provides cost effective real-time production monitoring to enable you to;

production monitoring displays

  • Optimise the use of current capacity 

  • Reduce production costs

  • Reduce inventory

  • Increase visibility across departments

  • Improve customer response time

  • Payback typically less than 12 months


PlantRun production monitoring systems provide many benefits including..

  • Eliminates wasteful manual data collection and processing
  • Connect to any type, make or age of machine or asset, production line, work cell, even manual processes
  • Automatically calculate production output/efficiency KPI's including OEE
  • Comprehensive reports built in
  • Live production status on PC's, smartphones, large overhead screens etc
  • Automated alert of production disturbances
  • Live production dashboards
  • Analysis tools highlight production losses
  • Automated report generation and delivery
  • Integration with ERP/MRP/MES for data exchange

PlantRun systems are supplied fully customised and ready to use to an agreed functional design specification.

Full training, technical support, and maintenance contracts ensure you get the most from your investment.

No annual licensing fees that increase lifetime cost of ownership!

View some of the many manufacturers that are using PlantRun to improve production performance...

Food Production Monitoring - Heck Foods

OEE & Production Monitoring for FMCG - Doff Portland

Metal Fabrication Production Monitoring - KMF Precision

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