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Get accurate live production counting from all your manufacturing assets - machines, lines, work cells, and manual operations - with PlantRun.

Product counts become instantly available to view on PC’s, tablets, smartphones, large screen displays.

Counts are captured in relevant units -  pieces, kilos (weight), meters (length), cycles etc and can also account for multiple items such as multi-packs.

Large screen displays in production areas showing target and actual output inform and motivate your staff.

Built in tools allow you to generate reports and analyse the data.

Scrap and rejects can also be counted, entered in real time, automatically or after the event. Reasons for scrap or poor quality can be captured.

Production speeds are continuously recorded, slow speed running can generate alerts and have reasons assigned.

Track order progress in real time and avoid over runs.

As well as acting as a production counter PlantRun can track operator time at the asset, the product, batch or job, downtime and reasons for stoppage, shift etc. This allows you to identify the real reasons for lost production and what to target for improvement.

Which product causes most downtime and why?

Which machine runs most efficiently for each product?

product count report
PlantRun also eliminates wasteful manual data collection and processing.

You can start with just a single asset and grow the system as your budget allows. Systems come with training, technical support and maintenance contracts.

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