PlantRun Features

An outline of most of the major features available in PlantRun.

Note that some features mentioned are optional - not all features are included as standard.

  • PC based : Operating System: Windows 10/11, 2016 Server, 2019 Server. Physical Server or Virtual Server. 
    • On premise PC based systems ensure highest data security, fully under user control.
  • Real-time connection to any type, make or age of manufacturing asset - discrete or linked machines, lines, work cells, even manual operations.
  • Information available enterprise wide across existing computer network, Ethernet LAN
  • Data stored in MS Access or SQL compatible database for simple export to other enterprise software - ERP/MRP/MES/CMMS
  • Range of operator interfaces - Outstation terminals, PC, Tablet and Touchscreen
  • Flexible time planning - shift pattern, planned maintenance, holidays and overtime

System Displays

  • Custom displays/dashboards show key information at a glance including:
  • Live factory overview representational mimic with colour coded machine status
  • Detailed displays of machines with KPI information
  • Production Status, KPI and OEE , Scrap rate, Down time/Up time, Cycle times, Yield, Efficiency, Utilisation, Changeover/Set-up/Tooling time, Order progress etc.

Alarms (Alerts)

  • Unlimited alarms
  • Alarm limits can be set on any parameter
  • Alarms can activate:

System alarm banner: sounders: beacons: andons: SMS text messaging to mobile phones: Email: Audio files to public address system/Tannoy, video recording/playback from enabled IP cameras.


  • Industry standard reports built in and ready to use
  • Simple data export dialogue to csv or MS Excel format 
  • Fully customisable - editing existing reports or create new ones
  • Report formats: Text, Graphics, Trends or any combination
  • Report Creation: Automatic (Timed or Event), On demand
  • Report Generation: Display, Printed, Email, SMS Text Message, pdf for electronic storage
  • Reports can display any monitored parameter in any combination required including :

Efficiency, Run time, OEE, Good production, Utilisation, Scrap rate, Capacity utilisation, Material usage, Set up time, Scrap by reason, Down time by reason, Custom defined parameters.

  • Reporting By

Machine centre, Tools, Products, Reject/Scrap Rates, Machine Speed, Target Production Rates, Workcell , Operator, Multiple Operators, Shift, Batch/Works Order/Lot/Job etc.


  • All downtime events are recorded including all short or micro stoppages
  • Downtime reasons are recorded for long stoppages
  • Each asset has unlimited user defined reasons
  • Flexible interlock option to ensure downtime reason selection
  • Multiple sequential reasons can be assigned to downtime events
  • Add comments to downtime events to aid analysis

Downtime Viewers/Dashboards

  • View, analyse and manage downtime per machine or across any number of machines
  • Tabular and Graphical Viewers
  • Sort and filter events by time, duration, type and reason
  • Edit - assign, split, combine or amend downtime events
  • View and report downtime statistics by:

Totals, Percentages, Reason, Number, Level, Greatest time, Greatest count, Pareto analysis
Compare downtime between machines

Machine Speed Optimisation

  • Machine operating speed continuously monitored
  • Reasons assigned to slow speed running
  • View, analyse and report like downtime


  • Graph any parameters in real-time or historically over any time period


  • Automatic capture or manual entry of scrap count and reason
  • Different categories of scrap can be handled
  • Alerts for quality checks based on product count, time interval etc.
  • Interlock can disable production until quality checks have been carried out

Andon Call Request

  • Call for assistance from the asset (engineer/team leader,QC, materials etc)
  • Track response and resolution times
  • Supports Andon light stacks
  • Call requests sent via SMS text message, email, public address, large screen displays (Display Node)

Paperless Work Instructions

  • Paperless visual work instructions accessed from graphical interfaces, PC, touchscreen, tablet, smartphone
  • Common document, image, video and sound files supported
  • Run files from on screen button action or automatically (on product change etc)
  • Centralised storage on the system or remote networked folder ensures version control


  • Checklists can be enabled on interfaces for pre-operation, Health & Safety or quality checks etc.
  • Checklists questions can be randomised 
  • Stored digitally direct to database enabling fast retrieval, reporting and analysis

Plant Maintenance

  • Call for engineer assistance from the asset
  • Alert maintenance engineers by SMS text, email or public address messaging
  • Track engineer response and repair times to breakdowns/stoppages
  • Track machine run / cycle times for any number of machines
  • Alert when maintenance is due based on actual machine usage
  • Track maintenance and fault rectification durations
  • Provides information database for storing maintenance & training documents;

Standard Operating Procedures, schematics, parts numbers, photographs, video images etc.

IP Video Camera Control

  • Connect any number of IP cameras
  • View live camera feeds remotely enterprise wide
  • Record video for later analysis (manually or automatically triggered)

Read detailed article on IP Video Camera Control

Web Internet Access

  • Any system displays and reports can be viewed securely over the internet
  • Interactive system capability over the internet
  • Smartphone/tablet capable

Recipe & Batch/Works Order/Lot/Job Facilities

  • Unlimited recipes can be stored
  • Full batch/works order/lot/job handling capability


  • Operator Terminals

Rugged terminals with wipe clean keypads and multi-line displays
Stainless steel version for food, pharma and clean environments

  • PC, Tablet (Android, Apple IOS, Windows) and Touch screen interfaces
  • Barcode scanners
  • RFID & Swipe card readers
  • Display Node - generate large format KPI and message displays on TV, monitor or projector


  • Data is held securely, fully under customer control
  • User password protected
  • User defined privileges delimit system access
  • Machine use can be restricted by privilege - prevents use by untrained or unauthorised personnel 


  • Enhanced security capable of compliance to FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and equivalent standards
  • Digital Signatures
  • Audit Trail

Time & Attendance Tracking - Who is in?

  • Track who is on site - staff/visitors
  • Track who is at each asset
  • Reporting & Analysis of time and attendance


  • Driver Library / OPC Client - Server

Allows connection to thousands of industrial devices

  • SNMP
  • SQL Database
  • Exchange data with third party software, ERP, MRP systems etc.

Custom Development

Feature not found above? We can probably develop it - please ask.