Paperless Work Instructions

Paperless or visual work instructions can be made available on PlantRun graphical displays – PC, Touchscreen, tablet or smartphone.

Fast access to information when you need it

The facility provides a single source of support information for system users, production operators, maintenance engineers etc. It allows instant access to relevant information which can include product assembly diagrams, component lists, standard operating procedures, routine maintenance instructions, machine schematics, emergency contact numbers or procedures, training videos and much more. It allows all the information that is usually 'filed away...somewhere!' to be kept in one location, properly indexed and ready for fast access by users when required.

To access the information needed any number of icons or buttons can be placed on displays. Simply click on the relevant icon or button to bring up the right information. Alternatively information can be displayed automatically when specific actions take place such as selecting or changing to a different product run.

Centralised file storage enables version control and ensures that only the latest documents are being accessed and used. Files can be stored on the PlantRun system or linked from an exisiting networked folder.

Crucial data can be captured as part of a work instruction procedure or process.  Data entry, either inputted to an on screen form, from a connected device, instrument or production asset, makes it possible to validate that instructions are being followed and enables tracebility. This can eliminate manual data collection, transcription errors and makes the captured data easily retrievable compared to paper based storage.

User password and priveleges enables secure file access - for example, restricting access to users not trained to a required standard.

Aid to Training

With images, documents and video readily available on screen, new operators (or infrequent users) can be quickly familiarised with product, equipment and operating procedures. The facility has particular value in emergency or critical situations when time is of the essence. Being able to instantly call up the correct information can avert a crisis.

Aid to Maintenance

Typically in a production plant "spanner" icons are placed on screen next to the item of equipment to which they refer. Clicking on an icon will show all the associated files. Any number of information files can be linked to an icon.
Icons can be hidden from view in normal operation, automatically appearing when Prodigy detects a problem such as a specific alarm condition or incorrect sequence of events.

Store documents, images, sound & video...

All common file formats can be easily stored and indexed making it simple to build an on line knowledge base.
Files supported include:-
• JPG & BMP for graphics, images, photographs
• AVI & MPG for video
• WAV for audio
• Plain Text, Rich Text, Microsoft Word for text documents
• PDF (Portable Document Format) for documents, schematics etc.

Benefits of Digital/Paperless Work Instructions

Always up to date.
Documents distributed and updated easily from central database.
Users always have the most recent version.
Avoid costly mistakes because of outdated work instructions or checklists.
Digital work instructions can guide users with sequenced workflows – easier to use and minimise training requirement.
Eliminates non-value-added printing and document distribution and administration.
Integration with your ERP/ MES systems allow export and import of data.
Automatically generate reports or certifications.
Information entered on digital work instructions can be validated to prevent errors.
Out of range values or non-conformances can initiate further action by alerting the user, launching additional instructions, emailing another member of staff etc.
Automatic logging of every procedure executed.
Checklist procedures are logged to a database that is fully accessible.
Instantly view the work your staff have been doing at any time and intervene if necessary.
Checklist logs can also be used for audits or for investigating problems, quality issues, complaints.
Instant access to every inspection detail from production or any end-of-line.
Identify who did what, when and with what kind of instructions.
Attach photographs during product checks, to show condition at every stage for guaranteed compliance.
Digital work instructions can use media files, videos or audio.
Can be used in conjunction with visual defect logging for quality control.