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"PlantRun is now central to how we performance manage our key kit, it is reliable, accurate and most of all meaningful”
Keith Nicholl - Commercial Director, KMF
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Many of the worlds leading manufacturers have turned to OEE - Overall Equipment Effectiveness - as a key performance indicator in the pursuit of maximum efficiency and operational excellence.  Yet for many OEE has failed to deliver the promised benefits. Why?..

 All too often the very collection of performance data is the root cause of this failure.

Manual OEE data collection increases administration costs and introduces data inaccuracies.  The result is poor quality information, delivered too late to be of maximum benefit.

The solution to this problem lies in real-time data capture with PlantRun OEE monitoring systems.

Eliminate wasteful manual data collection

Machine performance is measured electronically, eliminating the need for staff to manually collect and process data. Key performance indicators are calculated automatically and become available in virtual real time, distributed directly to managers desktop PC's and shop floor display screens.oee systems

Manufacturing performance becomes highly visible. Process disturbances can be closed down quickly. OEE tracking, reporting and analysis becomes fast and simple, highlighting where to focus resources. The result is dramatic improvements in productivity, which gives a rapid return on investment. 
  • Eliminates wasteful manual data collection
  • Fits to any make, type or age of asset – machines, production lines, work cells, even manual assembly
  • Gives you accurate OEE and production counts and KPI's
  • View live information in real-time on PC’s, tablets and smartphones
  • Inform and motivate staff with large screen displays in production, rest and meeting areas
  • Get faster response to stoppages with alerts via SMS, email & public address
  • Captures all downtime and all reasons for major stoppages
  • Identify where to target resources for best return with built in report and analysis tools
PlantRun OEE Systems are very cost effective with current users reporting typical payback of under 12 months. For a quick budgetary price complete the form below.

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