OEE System for Deep Drawn Metal Manufacturer

ht presspart logoPresspart Manufacturing was founded in 1970 in Blackburn, UK to manufacture deep-drawn components for industrial applications. It is now part of the H&T Group that supplies World Class Precision Formed Components primarily for pharmaceutical use such as drug delivery devices, dispensers and inhalers.

In 2017 the company invested in a PlantRun OEE system to monitor six presses and a wash plant.

PlantRun offers comprehensive facilities through options that allows customers to choose the level of functionality they require. The system was supplied with the following;

Call & Response Tracking – allows staff to call for assistance from the assets – such as an engineer, supervisor, parts etc. Getting faster response to breakdowns and problems ensures less downtime and more uptime. The system also tracks response and resolution times - useful metrics for maintenance management.

SMS Text Messaging – typically used with the Call and Response Tracking option by alerting engineers of breakdown calls by text messages on their mobile phones. Calls can be escalated and key assets prioritised.

Email Reports – Enables emailing of system alarm events – such as a machine being in downtime for an extended period. Also allows reports to be generated at times intervals and emailed to one or more users – useful for those regular morning meetings.

Remote Viewstation – software that is installed on user PC or laptop to allow remote access to system displays, reports and analysis tools. Any number of Remote Viewstation users can access and use the system independently at the same time.

SmartView – allows remote access to system displays and reports on any modern internet browser – on PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone

Display Node – hardware that allows connection of large screen TV, monitor or projector to display production information and custom messaging (health & safety, visitor welcome etc) on the factory floor, offices, meeting areas.

ERP Interface – enables integration with existing systems such as planning and scheduling for real-time data exchange.

Development License – allows full access to the system development tools.

System Customisation & Expansion

Since the initial system was installed Presspart Manufacturing has ordered some custom development of the system and a ten asset upgrade to monitor more equipment on site.

Read what Presspart Manufacturing think of the system

H&T Industrial’s Operations Manager, Stuart Pearce, commented...

“PlantRun has revolutionised how we monitor OEE. The system allows us to monitor production in individual presses, which means we can identify issues much quicker. Screens around the manufacturing site allow the team to monitor presses in real time and the management team can even monitor the presses via the PlantRun mobile phone app.”


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