OEE Data Collection

PlantRun systems automate manufacturing OEE data collection, reporting and analysis eliminating the problems and costs associated with collecting and processing OEE data manually.

OEE - Overall Equipment Effectiveness or Overall Equipment Efficiency, is a widely used analysis and benchmarking metric or KPI and is expressed as a percentage.  World class standard OEE performance level is generally regarded as over 85% against 'average' OEE of around 65%. OEE originates from Toyota Manufacturing in Japan and is a simple formula based on the following factors...

 OEE  % = Availability x Performance Rate x Quality Rate

Availability  = Operating Time / Planned Production Time

Performance Rate = Pieces Produced / Ideal Rate x Operating Time

Quality Rate = Good Pieces / Pieces Produced

Each of these factors are affected by 'losses' that reduces the overall effectiveness of your manufacturing operation.

6 Big Losses

The OEE figure shows you the current effectiveness of the manufacturing asset (machine, line, workcell).  It offers a convenient benchmark figure to refer to that is easy to understand and can help motivate staff towards further improving performance. Any improvement initiatives made to reduce losses should increase the OEE figure.

Eliminates the problems of manual OEE data collection

There are problems associated with manual OEE data collection and processing that any manufacturer tracking it will face.  These include..

  • Heavy demand on staff time for collection and processing
  • Inaccurate data due to time ‘guesstimations’ and inputting errors to OEE spreadsheets and software
  • Information not being available when needed due to data collection and processing time lag.

In effect you can waste a lot of staff time collecting inaccurate data which isn’t available when you need it.  These problems intensify in proportion to the number of machines you want to collect data for.

Automate OEE Data Collection

oee data collectionPlantRun eliminates these problems by continuously monitoring machines and automatically measuring Overall Equipment Effectiveness in real-time.

The advantages that PlantRun provides become ever more important the more efficient your manufacturing process becomes.  When you begin to improve efficiency there is always 'low hanging fruit' – efficiency gains that are easy to make. 

The more efficient your operation becomes the more difficult extra gains are to achieve without accurate available information. For lean manufacturing and continuous improvement initiatives having accurate real-time information is crucial for benchmarking and improving OEE, targeting resources and measuring progress.

One of the most cost effective ways to automate OEE data collection is with a PlantRun OEE system. Proven in use across manufacturing industry sectors PlantRun lets you achieve World Class manufacturing efficiency.

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