OEE and Production Monitoring for FMCG

doff logoWhen Doff Portland, the UK’s largest independent manufacturer of insecticides, weedkillers and garden care products wanted to improve production they invested in a PlantRun system.

The company manufactures150 different product lines at its purpose built factory in Nottinghamshire, UK.

The PlantRun system monitors production on production lines for powders, pellets, cartons and liquids. Lines handling corrosive liquids were supplied with hardware in stainless steel enclosures.

Minimising changeover times and accurate capture of down time reasons were just two of the challenges they faced.

As well as accurately capturing short and long stoppage times and reasons the system also tracks production line speed. Reasons for periods of slow running can also be captured.

Connection to the company’s ERP system will allow the ERP system to have automatic updates of run time, stopped time, product counts and OEE measures.

PlantRun Display Node hardware allows real time information to be displayed in the production area on large screen TV's to inform and motivate staff. 

Optical sensors were supplied with the system providing a low cost, straight forward way of capturing product counts and run/stop status from each of the lines.

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