Measuring Maintenance Effectiveness or Performance

engineer buttonPlantRun can provide highly accurate maintenance KPI’s in real-time for improved maintenance effectiveness or performance.

This is achieved by recording all downtime events or stoppages to one second accuracy. Any downtime period can have multiple reasons and comments assigned to it. In this way any breakdown and sequence of actions to rectify it can be measured and reported.

As an example, referencing the diagram below, PlantRun records whenever a machine stops. If the stoppage is requires attention from an engineer the machine operator can request assistance using the engineer call button on the PlantRun Outstation at the machine, or a call might be automatically generated after a preset down time.andon display

In either case this call can be sent via a SMS text to mobile phone, email or public address message or andon board. PlantRun takes account of the number of engineers on shift and can prioritise machines to minimise engineer calls.

maintenance kpi

Mean Time Between Failures
Mean Operative Downtime
MTTR Mean Time to Repair   MPDT Mean Preventative Maintenance Downtime
MIT Mean Idle Time   MOT Mean Operational Time
MWT Mean Waiting Time   MTTM Mean Time to Maintain
MTTF Mean Time to Failure   MUT
Mean Uptime

Track engineer response times

The period between the fault start (far left) and engineer call is MODT.  When an engineer logs on at the machine the wait time is recorded - MWT. This allows tracking of engineer response times. If there is time lost in logistics such as awaiting parts this can be sub assigned as MLDT.

When the fault is repaired the engineer logs off from the machine to give MTTM. Any idle time until a machine operator logs on to the machine to begin production is recorded as MIT.

This allows reliability and maintainability KPI's to be reported, tracked and trended to enable improved maintenance performance and effectiveness. It is also possible to report on engineer call rate per machine or shift, which can often highlight problematic issues.

Below is an example of PlantRun Response Time Tracking for an engineer callout to a machine breakdown.

response time tracking

Continuous Condition Monitoring

Continuous condition monitoring of a wide range of parameters affecting equipment maintenance intervals such as hours run, number of cycles or operations, total throughput, time spent under load etc. is also possible.

PlantRun can calculate when a pre-determined level of any monitored parameter has been passed. The system then alerts that maintenance is required via an on screen message, report generation, email or SMS text message. This allows maintenance to be optimised based on actual equipment work load or usage.

Condition monitoring parameters can also be graphed against process data to detect changes over time that might indicate problems associated with specific machines allowing planned repair rather than breakdown maintenance.


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