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"...PlantRun has motivated our staff and provides a focus point for all staff involved with production.”
Tom Breingan
UK Production Planning Manager
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Are your machines stopped when they should be running?

Save 15 to 30 minutes per shift per operator? That’s what 41% of current users report*

Poor time keeping, operators starting late, taking extra time during breaks, finishing early and taking longer to restart a machine than they should is a typical scenario in many manufacturing companies.

 Even if  this is only arriving at the machine 5 minutes late, starting up 5 minutes later, taking an extra 10 minutes over lunchtime and then finishing 10 minutes early it amounts to 30 minutes in an 8 hour shift equivalent to 6.25%.


Without continuous tracking in place this is often much longer. And this is per machine, if you have 20 machines you are losing 10 man hours per shift!

For one PlantRun user a "ten minute" break period was reduced from 23 minutes down to 13 minutes upon installation of the system.

PlantRun is not a clocking on or attendance system but accurately measures and reports in real-time when your production machines and equipment are running or stopped.

This allows you to easily see and manage poor time keeping, even when there is little or no supervision such as night shifts. Thus is just one of the benefits PlantRun offers manufacturers to enable improved efficiency, throughput and profits.

*respondents to July 2013 survey of PlantRun users.

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