Manufacturing Notification System

PlantRun systems act as a manufacturing notification system by distributing information whenever and wherever it is needed, based on events and alarms, to enable smoother running of your production operations.

The primary aim is to provide faster response to and minimise production issues and losses.
There are various ways of notification triggering and delivery.

Example triggers;
  • Staff can call for assistance directly from the PlantRun operator interface sited adjacent to each machine or asset. Typically used to call an engineer to a machine stoppage or to call a tool setter, team leader, materials, etc. Response and resolution times are captured.
  • Extended periods of machine downtime
  • Slow running of a machine or asset
  • When process parameters go out of limits
Example delivery;

Plant Run systems go beyond simple alarm sounders and beacons to get the message across (although these can still be used).

System alarm banner
PC’s connected to the system feature an alarm banner at the top of the screen that shows the current alarm status – typically to alert that an asset has been stopped for an extended period. Any system generated alarms can be displayed in this way.

Large Overhead Displays
In the form of a monitor, TV or projector, PlantRun can display;
  • Production performance KPI’s to inform and motivate staff
  • Calls for assistance such as for an engineer, tool setter, or materials.
  • Any custom messaging such as visitor welcome, employee of the month, health and safety etc.
SMS text messaging
Text messages to mobile phone,  used for engineer requests to improve engineer response times and minimise production outages.
Assets can be prioritised based on the number of engineers on shift.
Unacknowledged requests can be automatically resent or escalated.

Emails can be sent based on any rule based system alert
Typically used for escalation of unattended issues to inform management of extended periods of downtime or lost production.
Sending reports automatically generated at preset intervals, such as end of shift, directly to users ready for regular meetings.

Public Address
PlantRun links to public address systems to broadcast messages for engineers, materials, etc

For example “Engineer call for machine X” “Materials required for line Y”

As well as these standard options PlantRun can be customised to meet specific requirements.
Of course as well as acting as a manufacturing notification system PlantRun provides full production monitoring, live information and built in analysis and reporting tools.

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