Manufacturing KPI Reporting

Having easy access to accurate manufacturing key performance indicators is vital to effective management and production efficiency.  Manufacturing KPI reporting is a major benefit of a PlantRun real-time manufacturing information system. The KPI data that is collected and stored by PlantRun can generate management reports or be displayed on manufacturing dashboards.

Any data available within the system database can form the basis of a manufacturing productivity calculation, KPI report or KPI dashboard, including production quantities, efficiencies, OEE, run and stop time, stoppage frequencies, reject rates etc.  It is possible to report by machine, operator, machine group and type, product, batch, and work centre or cell. 

Reports can be generated on demand or automatically by job, batch, shift, day, week, month etc. They can be viewed on screen, printed out, emailed, sent to a fax machine or as an SMS text message to a mobile phone. Dashboards can display any information required in virtually any format including text, tables, graphics and trends.

PlantRun not only eliminates the need for manual data collection, filling in of forms and data inputting to spreadsheets etc. but also provides the manufacturing KPI information in a form which is easy to analyse thereby further reducing wasted time.  This can often save 30 to 60 minutes per shift and information flow from one shift to the next is greatly improved. 

kpi display productionTime saved on data collection and inputting allows more time for evaluation, analysis and other more productive work. If required, data can be easily exported directly to any standard spreadsheet or reporting packages.  

Each PlantRun system comes with industry standard report templates built in and ready to use. It is also easy to edit reports or create new ones as and when required, saving both time and money. 

Reports can be formatted to use text, graphics, trends or any combination for limitless styles. KPI's can also be displayed on any system PC or laptop and on large overhead displays in production areas as well as the standard shopfloor operator terminals.

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