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"...PlantRun has motivated our staff and provides a focus point for all staff involved with production.”
Tom Breingan
UK Production Planning Manager
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Increase Output, Reduce Downtime, Improve Quality, Cut Costs, Maximise Profits - Under One Year Payback Typical

Accurate real time manufacturing data is crucial to maximising production efficiency, improving shopfloor management and manufacturing cost reduction.

Without accurate information about what is happening day to day on the manufacturing shop floor many companies function without any real control. They may be producing good quality product yet not know the true potential of production capacity or product quality that is achievable.Used as part of a continuous improvement program a manufacturing data system will pay for itself many times over in improved throughput, quality and efficiency gains.
mobile bi manufacturing
PlantRun connects to any type, make or age of asset (machines, production lines, work cells, manual operations etc.) and gives you live production metrics and OEE. This information becomes instantly available on PC’s, laptops, tablets, smart phones and large screen displays enabling better management as well as informing and motivating your staff.  Wasteful manual data collection is eliminated freeing your staff to do more value added work.

Paperless manufacturing becomes achievable

Data is collected from direct connection to the machine or machine control (PLC), from operator interfaces sited adjacent to the machines and from data input devices such as bar code scanner, swipe card, RFID. Full integration allows seamless data exchange with third party systems including ERP / MES / CMMS.

Operator interfaces include compact rugged outstations that feature a keypad and display as well as touch screen and PC options.

Interfaces allow your staff to interact with the system without leaving the production area to;
  • Log on and off - track operator efficiency
  • Select product, job/works order
  • Select downtime/stoppage reasons - unlimited reasons on a per machine basis
  • Enter scrap/rework - accurately track scrap
  • Call for assistance – engineer/team leader/materials/tool setter etc.
  • Read information including target and actual production
All asset events are recorded including operator, shift, product changes as well as all downtime. Even short or micro stops, are accounted for and longer stoppages assigned a reason. Any number of reasons can be set for each asset so you have total flexibility in what you can track.

Data that cannot be captured automatically can be entered directly to PC's or tablets eliminating paper based records. PlantRun also supports paperless work instructions - read more about paperless work instructions.

Analysis Tools and Reports

Built in analysis tools allow you to drill down on a single asset, quickly summarise KPI’s across any period, filter against operators, products, shifts etc.  Industry standard reports are built in and ready to use, can be generated automatically to pdf for easy access and emailed to groups of users – saving time and hassle for regular meetings. Alternatively you can export the data to MS Excel, Crystal Reports or similar reporting tools that you are already using and familiar with.

As well as giving you accurate live information PlantRun enables faster response to production problems. Staff can call for assistance straight from the operator interface without having to leave the area. The system will send the call via SMS text, email, public address, show it on large screen displays as well as the alarm banner on any system PC display. System alarms can also be triggered automatically when any parameter goes out of limits.

Plantrun can also handle the more complex requirements of process monitoring (temperature, pressures, vacuum, humidity, flow), utility monitoring (electric, gas, water, steam, compressed air) as well as any level of production control.

All this is backed up by quality technical support, training and maintenance contracts from one of the longest established suppliers of industrial automation software and systems.

Designed and developed to be cost effective, current users report payback in less than twelve months as typical.

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