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PlantRun supports production or manufacturing count down timers, that can be enabled in various ways, depending upon customer requirements.

Countdown timers can be viewed on PC’s, touch screens, tablets, smartphones or large screen displays. Using graphical displays means the look of the timer can be customised in many ways including size, font, colour, visibility, position etc. 

A range of system functionality can be linked to the timer action - such as triggering alarms (lights, beacons, sirens), sending emails, sms text messages, messaging on public address systems or large screen displays.

An example application is on a product assembly cell. Each assembly bench in the cell has a tablet based operator interface. The operator uses a button on the tablet screen to indicate the start of a product build. This starts a countdown timer displayed on the tablet screen. The operator uses an on screen button to indicate when the product is completed.

The system automatically calculates the variance between the count down time and build time and can display operator performance onscreen in a variety of ways.

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