Manufacturing Barcode Systems

Data capture using barcode systems offers enormous benefits for manufacturers. Data capture is faster, more accurate and mistakes are minimized.

With a barcoding system you can easily obtain information that would be difficult or impossible to obtain otherwise. Faster access to information enables better management, better decision-making allowing you to gain advantages over the competition.

Data capture from barcode scanners is an option available on all PlantRun systems for entry of operator ID, downtime reason entry, product ID and batch ID. PlantRun system functionality can also be customised to meet any customer specific requirements.

Wired or wireless barcode scanners are available including hand held mini computers with built in touch screen interfaces.
wireless barcode scannerwired barcode scanner
With PlantRun your manufacturing data becomes instantly available wherever it is needed including PC’s, laptops, tablets and smart phones and third party systems such as ERP or planning & scheduling. Data can also be displayed on large screen TV’s or projectors in production and meeting areas to inform and motivate your staff.

PlantRun has comprehensive tools for data analysis and reporting and includes alarm/alerts, email, SMS text, public address functions to ensure faster response to production problems.

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