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(Yes, you can track your manual operations)

If your manufacturing operation includes manual production PlantRun can be used to monitor and track performance, including OEE, in a similar way to any other asset.

PlantRun can work from just a single signal that identifies an action has been completed – such as a product made. This can be as simple as pressing a switch each time a product is made.

This makes it possible to monitor manual operations as well as machines. It means that any mix of assets - machines, production lines, work cells, manual assembly lines or any other plant or equipment can be part of the same system.

You can get accurate live performance data from all your production assets.

All data is continuously recorded and you can easily track against product, batch, operator, shift etc. with built in reporting and analysis.

This is exactly how Stannah monitor a range of high value capital equipment as well as manual assembly cells at their manufacturing facility in Andover, UK. Stannah are the worlds largest stairlift manufacturer and rely on PlantRun as part of their lean continuous improvement program. Read more about PlantRun at Stannah

manual production performance

Manual assembly cells with overhead display showing live actual / target output

Modern sensor hardware makes it possible to monitor just about any manual operation – even something like welding can be monitored with current sensors that determine when a weld is being made.

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