Machine Speed Optimisation

Real time monitoring of machine speeds provides two main benefits for improved efficiency.

Firstly, it is possible to accurately monitor speeds against target levels for each machine and alert when they are performing out of range.  In particular small variations in machine speed often go unnoticed by operators whereas a monitoring system can immediately alert the need for corrective action to be taken.

Secondly, it is possible to use the system to optimise machine running speeds to maximise output. In many manufacturing facilities machines run throughout their life at the default speed set when installed.  Where machine speeds can be varied it is possible to analyse production at different speeds to identify the optimum running speed.

The optimum running speed may be faster or slower than the default speed. Faster run speeds may produce more throughput but can impact product flow and quality.  Faster running may also increase downtime due breakdowns and maintenance. Slower run speeds often improve product flow and quality at the expense of output.

Other variables may also have an impact on optimum run speed such as the raw materials being used, different products being made on the same machines etc. Varying the machine speed to take account of these differences can often significantly increase yield through improved output and quality - reducing scrap and rework.

Availability of continuously recorded data allows for later analysis and can be used to determine the maximum machine speed that can be sustained without adverse effects. Only by being able to analyse production data in detail with a real time machine monitoring system can this be easily determined.

PlantRun systems continuously record production speeds, can alert when a machine or line is slow running and assign reasons to periods of slow running. The run speed of any production asset can be viewed on PC's, smartphones or displayed on large screen displays.

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