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"...PlantRun has motivated our staff and provides a focus point for all staff involved with production.”
Tom Breingan
UK Production Planning Manager
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PlantRun systems continuously collect data from all monitored machines.  This information is then presented on a PC display as a 'shop floor overview', which provides an instant picture of the condition of every machine. Similarly large format overhead displays can provide relevant KPI information in production areas.

See What's Happening on the Shopfloor from Your Desktop PC

Colour is used to give a clear indication of the current state of each machine. For instance, running machines are represented in green, stopped machines in red, out of service machines in grey and slow machines in amber.

Clicking on any individual machine 'zooms in' to a full screen display of that machine which shows detailed information such as last reason for stoppage, machine efficiency, estimated time to end of batch, number of products manufactured this shift/day etc.

shopfloor overview

Typical Shopfloor Overview (44 machines)

3d factory view

3D Style Factory Floor View

Overhead displays bring relevant information to production areas

Systems can also include large format over head displays in manufacturing areas to inform and motivate staff of production status, actual and target output, and metrics such as OEE etc.

manufacturing kpi displays

Overhead KPI Displays

Alarms Alert When Problems Occur

Any monitored parameter can have alarm limits set that can trigger a siren, beacon, printer, SMS text message, email etc. This ensures that critical situations are addressed promptly.

Screen displays can be duplicated wherever the information is needed, throughout the plant and offices or remotely over any distance. This allows access by a head office or overseas division or even a production manager from his home PC.  User passwords and privileges assure secure access with all user actions being recorded by the system.

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