How to Understand Energy Usage in Production

Do you know the true cost of manufacturing a product?

Why is Energy Monitoring Important?

In order to target climate change we must first understand what energy we are consuming.  We can then take measures to reduce our impact on the world.

In helping the environment and our future, we are also helping our present selves. With energy prices continuing to rise at a record rate, it is more important than ever to evaluate our energy usage and reduce where possible.

What Can PlantRun Monitor?

Whilst electrical power is the most common form of energy monitoring, PlantRun is not limited to just that. It can monitor in realtime:

  1. Electricity 
  2. Fuel
  3. Water
  4. Gas
  5. Emissions
  6. Steam
  7. Compressed Air

How Can You Access the Data?

Measurements are updated from the various sources, displayed on a digital status twin and recorded using PlantRun’s data recorders. PlantRun's live displays can show current status in realtime.

Display Wall Energy

PlantRun’s trending functionality provides a chart recorder and analysis capability with realtime and historic trend graphs of any point in time for any duration.

Energy Monitoring 

PlantRun’s alarm monitoring can automatically bring attention to problems before they escalate, or even predict problems before they begin…

Such as a leaking water pipe, or a faulty heating element!

Energy Alarms
Reports can be automatically triggered and broadcast to relevant staff through email, The recorded batch data can be based on any period, but is usually every:

  • half an hour
  • shift
  • day


The recorded data can include other information, such as:

  • Costs
    • Per Asset
    • Per Batch 
    • Per Employee
  • Utilisation

PlantRun can help you on your Energy Monitoring journey.

If there is a specific area you want to improve we can help you take the first step, contact us for more information.