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Hourly, hour by hour, or day by hour reporting or tracking of manufacturing production is performed automatically by PlantRun.

Forget all that manual data collection in to spreadsheets and writing on to production boards!

Get live hourly target and actual production output displayed in real time on PCs, tablets, smartphones and large screen displays in production, meeting or office areas.

Save wasted staff time collecting data and boost output by informing and motivating your operators.

PlantRun records all production data so you can review, report and analyse over any period for full hour by hour production tracking.

Target rates can be adjusted accordingly to account for 'planned not to run time' such as breaks or changeovers.

Go one step further and add short interval control by reviewing and recording any problems each period and what action is being taken to alleviate them. PlantRun has standard templates for Short Interval Control built in to use an ‘out of the box’ option or customisable to your specific needs. Read more about Short Interval Control