OEE OutstationPlantRun is complemented by a range of hardware including operator terminals, barcode scanners & swipe card readers, RFID readers, touch screen interfaces and overhead KPI displays.

Rugged Compact Operator Outstations

Operator Outstations with keypad terminals are a feature of PlantRun systems, providing an interface between the system PC, machine and operator.

They allow the machine operator to interact with PlantRun without having to leave the machine area.  Operators use the terminals for:
  • Logging on and off
  • Selecting reason for downtime
  • Selecting product to run and job/works order
  • Calling for assistance - engineer/supervisor/toolsetter/parts
  • Entering scrap values
  • Reading live KPI information

Outstations have wipe clean alphanumeric keypads and multi-line displays housed in rugged enclosures including versions in stainless steel suitable for 'clean' and 'harsh' environments. Built in I/O allows for simple screw terminal connection of signals from machines/assets, data and power for straightforward installation. Independent power supply ensures terminals continue to operate if machine power goes down. 

PC, Tablet and Touch Screen Operator Interfaces

ipad keyboardAs an alternative to Outstations a wide range of PC, tablet and touch screen operator interfaces can be supplied. If you already have PC's on the shopfloor it is likely that these can be used as part of a PlantRun system.

PC, tablet and touch screen displays are fully customisable allowing more functional flexibility than Outstations. They have the advantage of providing enhanced graphical capability, for example, allowing images to be displayed to reduce operator error (is the correct product being run?). IP rated stainless steel versions are available for applications that require clean down such as food and pharmaceuticals.

wireless barcode scannerwired barcode scanner

Barcode & RFID

PlantRun systems support connection of wired and wireless barcode scanners and RFID readers for accurate capture of data for works order/part numbers/downtime reasons/staff ID etc. 

KPI Displays

Large format KPI displays deliver key metric information straight to the work area to inform and motivate staff.  Any number of displays - monitor, large screen TV or projector - can be driven from a PlantRun system delivering relevant information to the area in which each display is located. PlantRun 'Display Node' technology means you can site large displays, typically overhead, anywhere including production, meeting, rest and reception areas.

Eliminate Manual Whiteboard Entries

Each display can show a static or any number of scrolling screens showing real time data or act as a messaging or andon system. Microsoft Powerpoint slides and web pages can also be displayed in sequence with any from the PlantRun system.

kpi displays