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Creative Foods is a major producer of chilled and ambient products such as sandwich fillings, marinades, sauces, mayonnaise, and dips. As part of a multimillion pound redevelopment of the Creative Foods’ Burton-on-Trent site, PlantRun was chosen to monitor the performance of the  lines.

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Food Production Monitoring System

logo heck pinkHeck Food is an independent UK sausage and burger manufacturer and supplier to major supermarkets.

The company chose PlantRun for production performance monitoring and improvement for its new manufacturing plant at Kirklington, North Yorkshire.

Bottling line monitoring direct to Excel

DlogoWhen Bacardi Group company John Dewar & Sons ran a consultancy lead special project they found they didn’t have the accuracy of production data needed.

The study required accurate line run rates, production counts, short and long downtime durations and reasons for long stoppages. The quality of data required is not possible to capture manually.

OEE System for Fishermans Friend

ffFishermans Friend menthol lozenge, manufactured by Lofthouse of Fleetwood is now a well known product worldwide with over nineteen flavours produced to satisfy export markets.

Different countries not only prefer different flavours but have different manufacturing and packaging requirements. In some countries the product needs to meet pharmaceutical manufacturing standards. In countries with high humidity climates the product is supplied in reseal able zip packs, to enable longer life.

Production line speed system for food to go manufacturer

SL logoSimply Lunch, based in Croydon, UK is a long established supplier of sandwich and lunch food. 

With daily production targets to meet it is crucial that the speed of production is optimised. A PlantRun system is enabling the business to meet industry standard target speeds on four production lines.