ERP / MES Link

Integrate with production planning

Unless you manufacture exactly the same products every day, continuously, then knowing

  • what you should be making now
  • how quickly you should be making them
  • how many you need to manufacture
  • when you should complete
is all essential shop floor information.

This is where PlantRun integration with your existing systems can have big benefits. Production plans can be shared with PlantRun allowing operators to know exactly what they should be making, at what speed and how many are left before the end of batch.

Achieving the link

Due to the proprietary or sometimes in-house nature of all ERP, CMMS and SCADA systems it is not possible to create a ’one size fits all’ approach to data exchange. For this reason PlantRun provides a comprehensive range of interface methods including OPC, SQL, ODBC, CSV, XML and PFF capabilities.

Defining the interface method is just the first step to integration as this will only define how the data is exchanged and not what will be exchanged. This often more complex stage is helped by Tascomp’s 40 years of systems integration experience and the comprehensive facilities available within the Prodigy software package on which PlantRun is based.

What Are the Benefits of Good Systems Integration?

  • Reduce administration overheads to save time and save money
  • Remove data duplication
  • Enhance data value to allow ‘what if’ analysis
  • Enable better production scheduling
  • Feedback actual performance and yield data to ERP systems
  • Inform operators what they should be making and how quickly
  • Compare group performance across multiple manufacturing sites