Waste Recycling OEE Monitoring

Enva logoWastecycle (part of  Enva) is the leading waste management and recycling company in the East Midlands, processing in excess of 500,000 tonnes of material through its recycling facilities each year, more than 95% of which is recycled and recovered.

Initially looking to monitor just one waste conveyor, the company realised the benefits that PlantRun could offer them across all their facilities. This led to the company investing in a PlantRun system at the Nottingham and two Leicester sites, in a two phased approach on REDOX, Reuse and SRF lines.

Although OEE measures were being made, they were a result of manual form filling and manual data entry, both of which are prone to errors. In addition, the manual data collection process couldn’t accurately monitor when the lines were running or stopped, 24 hours of the day.

The system captures both the weight of material added to the lines and after sorting into their components. This is achieved either directly from weighscale sensors or entered using tablets.

Weights are recorded into a production database on a per shift or per day basis with a report available for each sorting area for any selected time period. All downtime is recorded and reasons assigned.

The PlantRun system eliminates manual data collection and provides Wastecycle with accurate live performance information available on PC’s, tablets, smartphones. PlantRun Display Node also allows real time information and custom messaging to be displayed on large screen TV’s to inform and motivate staff.