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"...PlantRun has motivated our staff and provides a focus point for all staff involved with production.”
Tom Breingan
UK Production Planning Manager
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PlantRun offers cost effective retro-fit conveyor monitoring systems to measure capacity, throughput, speed, run-time, blocked time, downtime and more.

Throughput of items or weight, speed and runtime only requires connection to a suitable sensor, which may already be pre-fitted to the conveyor. With the addition of an operator interface further information can be captured such as specific product or load type, batch ID, reasons for downtime, scrap etc.

Systems are based on a central PC server, usually sited in a Production Office or Server Room that processes data from the connected conveyors in real time. This emlinates the need for manual data processing and information becomes instantly available on PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone.

The real-time status of all monitored conveyors can be viewed on PC, tablet, smartphone or large screen displays

Built in tools allow quick and easy analysis and reporting or data can be exported for use in preferred report or dashboard platforms. System alerts allow fast notification of any out of specification conditions such as extended downtime periods.

Any system information can be shown on large format displays (monitor, large screen TV or projector) in the vicinity of the conveyor or any other area where the information is needed. This can be conveyor throughput / speed / run and down time etc. and can also show custom messages such as health & safety warnings.

As connected conveyors are continuously monitored PlantRun can alert at accurate run periods for preventative maintenance periods. The system can also monitor energy usage by connection to power meters. Futhermore the system can be expanded to add further conveyors or other any other assets as and when required.

We supply complete systems of hardware and software to an agreed design specification ready to install. Installation is straight forward and typically undertaken by the customers own engineering staff with remote support from our engineers, detailed installation guide and full wiring diagrams.

All PlantRun systems include training and feature high quality responsive technical support. Systems are highly cost effective from day one and there are no annual licenses fees so lifetime costs are low.

Environmental waste recycling conveyor monitoring system 

Throughput and blockage monitoring for ecommerce conveyors

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