Bottling line monitoring direct to Excel

DlogoWhen Bacardi Group company John Dewar & Sons ran a consultancy lead special project they found they didn’t have the accuracy of production data needed.

The study required accurate line run rates, production counts, short and long downtime durations and reasons for long stoppages. The quality of data required is not possible to capture manually.

To meet the time constraints of the consultancy period the PlantRun system was configured, tested and supplied to an agreed short lead time with the system delivered in just three weeks.

The system monitors a single line used for bottling whisky and gin and captures the required data in real-time from key points on the line using photocell sensors. Each day the data is exported directly from PlantRun for use in MS Excel pivot table templates.

Second bottling line added

A second bottling line was added to the system within a few weeks of the original installation. Three DTM04 Outstations were supplied to act as operator interfaces across the line and to take the signals from sensors on the line.

The site has seen month on month increases in OEE and on the back of this succes a PlantRun system is being supplied to the Martini Rossi site in Pessione, Italy - read Martini Rossi system overview

John Dewar & Sons is part of the Bacardi group, the largest privately held spirits company in the world. Bacardi brands also include Martini, Grey Goose and Bombay Sapphire.

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