Andon System

Problem, breakdown or stoppage? Call for assistance at the push of a button.

Andon is a Japanese term for a system used in manufacturing to alert when there is a production problem in order to minimise any effect on output.

With PlantRun this alert can be made by pressing a button on the operator interface at the asset or may be activated automatically when a system alarm is triggered.

Common reasons for activating an Andon include;
  • Breakdown, stoppage or problem that the operator cannot rectify
  • Lack of raw materials or parts
  • Quality issue, defect, etc
  • Change of tooling
  • Safety issue
Simple Andon systems use signal lights to indicate there is a problem and rely on the signal being noticed by a team leader or supervisor.

PlantRun systems can incorporate Andon light stacks but typically provide other ways of distributing the alert such as;
  • Display the request on large screen displays - Andon boards – in production , meeting, rest or workshop areas (see example below)
  • Send a text message to mobile phones
  • Send an email to one or more users
  • Trigger an audio message over public address
  • Display the alert on an alarm banner on any PC connected to the PlantRun system
andon board
Example Andon Board on large screen TV

Call requests can be made to different departments or people - for example an engineer, a supervisor or team leader, quality control, materials stores etc.

Reasons for the call can be captured. Certain calls can be prioritised. Calls can be escalated in various ways if there is no response. Ticketing in development. 

Reporting of calls, response and resolution times is built in. 

Wireless Andon System

If all you only need is an andon system and don't want to monitor production or connect to assets then wireless andon systems are ideal.

Tablets offer a cost effective user interface and being wireless require minimal (if any) installation.

Wireless systems can still feature all the functionality of standard systems and only require a wireless network be in place.

Track Response and Repair or Resolution Times

PlantRun records the time it takes for a person, typically an engineer to get to the asset and until then can record and display the waiting time. The system can also record how long the person takes to fix or resolve the problem. The time taken to restart the asset is also captured. Accurate response, repair and restart times eliminate any arguments between maintenenance and production staff regarding lost output.

Read how to track engineer respose and repair times with PlantRun

As well as ensuring faster response and resolution of production problems PlantRun tracks product counts, scrap,  operator time at the asset, the product, batch or job, downtime and reasons for stoppage, shift etc.

Built in reporting and analysis tools allow you to easily identify the real reasons for lost production and what to target for improvement.

All systems are supplied pre-configured ready to use and require no on site programming. PlantRun is backed up with training, technical support and maintenance contracts etc and there are no obligatory annual licensing fees to pay. This ensures a typical payback of less than 12 months as reported by current users.

Find out more by browsing this site, complete the form for a budget price or call 01642 370666 for an informal talk about how PlantRun can help you.

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